Philosophy & Vision

Quba Kitchens Vision


Quba is a young entrepreneurial company and we pride ourselves on being versatile and resilient. Our passion for magnificent design and boundless energy for creativity makes us a force to reckon with. We have successfully established ourselves as one of the leading premium brands in the field of modular kitchens, wardrobes and furniture while constantly updating our designs to keep up with innovations in the industry. Quba follows a customer oriented approach so as to understand their requirements and deliver the products accordingly. We offer a wide assortment of products to choose from and our new products are highly inventive and designed keeping the customer’s comfort in mind. Additionally, we offer harmonious services from beginning to end including interior design, technical support and after sales support.

We have a highly proficient support team and we encapsulate the influence of technology and welcome fresh ideas and inputs. We have a strong set of values and beliefs that underlay everything that we do. We are fuelled by our imagination and creativity because we believe that our customers deserve the best and, therefore, are always trying to create something novel and unique suited to your personality.


The ultimate aim at Quba is to create a niche for our boutique kitchens, wardrobes and furniture by setting a paradigm in the Wood industry. We aim to achieve this by undertaking the latest innovative manufacturing practice by sustainable means and amplifying the customers lifestyle by meeting their expectations through timely delivery of our distinct, unique high quality and affordable lifestyle products.